The Whiskey Bards



2019 looks to be an enjoyable year for the Whiskey Bards. We will be at the Two Rivers Ren Faire (Yuma, AZ) and Estrella War (Queen Creek, AZ) in February. We have several other events on our calendar that we are solidifying (more to come on those later this year) and, of course, our annual trip to the Age of Chivalry Ren Faire (Las Vegas, NV).

This year we are finally returning to the studio to begin work on new recordings. The last several years has seen our show repertoire grow. We have also written new songs recently and several artists have opened up their catalog to us so potential material is abundant. We will keep you informed as we get closer to releasing the next Whiskey Bards studio album (albums?).

 We're looking forward to seeing you all again this year and making new friends across the U.S. "It's not the whiskey, it is the company!"  Slainte!


Here are some pictures of the Whiskey Bards and some of our fans throughout the years. Please send us more pictures and we'll try to feature some of them here.