The Whiskey Bards



Women Whiskey & War

by The Whiskey Bards

Released 2005
Released 2005
Three things that often go together! We drink Whiskey to the Women...Whiskey and Women often are the cause of War...and we come back to the Women and the Whiskey to make it all better again. Join us in the WB Pub for four-part vocal fun!
One of my family's favorites., July 1, 2006
This review is from: Women, Whiskey and War (Audio CD)
If you enjoy tight harmonies that the whole family can sing along with, then you'll enjoy this CD. I bought this CD directly from the artists and was playing in in my car cd's player. My boys loved it. They began to sing along. My husband even enjoyed it and began to sing along.

The harmonies are tight, the lyrics fun and music catchy. I would recommend this CD to everyone, including those new to this genre.